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8 Reasons Video Marketing Can’t Be Ignored in 2018 & Beyond


8 Reasons Video Marketing Can’t Be Ignored in 2018 & Beyond

Consider these Eight Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore the Power of Videos

There are a host of reasons why video marketing is such a powerful means of reaching customers. Close to 60 percent of people would rather watch a video if one is available. The fact remains as well that a single minute of video is the equivalent of reading close to two million words.  A large percentage of consumers also say that watching a video is preferred when attempting to learn how something works or to quickly absorb information.

Videos also yield higher click-through rates than regular text, increase conversions, and can make a far greater impact for offering customer testimonials and product demonstrations. Take for instance the video power of YouTube which is now a bigger search engine that Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL all combined. Research also indicates that your website is up to 50 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page when someone who searches for your product or service engages with video.

That being said, videos will be extremely essential to influencer marketing efforts in 2018 and beyond. At Planet 8 Digital, we’re all about helping clients reach their full digital marketing potential.


Viewers naturally retain more information from videos than from text.

This works well because many people in the world suffer from content overload. Unfortunately, capturing consumer attention has become a lost-art for many businesses. This means that your website or company must continue to find new and effective ways to capture the consumer’s attention to remain competitive.

Effectively utilizing videos can increase your SEO impact as well.

Adding video, assuming it doesn’t take away from the content or causes a page to load slowly, can increase the odds of landing on the first or second page of search results.

Grabbing a consumer’s attention with a relevant and useful product or service means everything in the world for a business.

As such, customers only have a few seconds to decide if your website is the right place for their attention. Someone, or something, will always grab the attention of a consumer. If your company fails to grab their attention someone or something else will. Think branding! If customers leave your site they may not return. Your website is your brand is your positive or negative brand.

Customers usually engage with something that attracts their attention

Content marketing and producing powerful and relevant content will always be a requirement to rank. The ideal plan is to employ effective video tactics as well. If your company engages in social media on a regular basis, videos can attract attention and get a lot more shares. More shares and more looks is sure path to growing the business.

Many of today’s social media marketing approaches favor video technology,

and technology is learning to keep pace with the appetite for video content. As such, video marketing gurus are earning a lot of respect these days. On venues like Facebook, your news feed can be quickly updated to a video or an article. Make sure when using videos to invite comments. Facebook’s algorithm has changed to rank profiles better that create actual written responses.

You should also consider the fact that video can help your branding efforts.

While text responses are necessary now, it’s difficult to tell how much content readers actually consume. On the other hand, you can measure video traffic through click-through, number of times videos are watched, and drop-off points. Feedback reveals what’s working and what isn’t.

Videos also inspire higher retention rates.

Close to 75 percent of everyone who watches a video will watch nearly three-fourths of the video. If your company has pages and blogs where you want to get your messages across, videos can get the job done.

You can count on the fact that emails have better click-through rates when utilizing videos.

All too often, email copy alone doesn’t resonate with customers. The goal of mail, like any other marketing incentive, is to reach as many customers as possible, increase conversions, and to help them reach a buying decision.


At Planet 8 Digital, we offer a full array of SEO services that can help your business grow and increase conversions by using the power of the web. Consider our approach to help enhance your company’s branding efforts. Services include SEO, Web design, video marketing, PPC/Adwords, and much more. Contact Planet 8 Digital today.

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