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Alexander Kleiman

Planet 8 Digital

Alexander Kleiman - COO

“Digital Marketing Agencies should see themselves as partners with their clients. At Planet 8 Digital Marketing Agency, our success is only measured by our clients online success.”

Client relationships are the key to our success

Hi there! I’m Alexander Kleiman, but you can call me Alex. I’m the guy co-steering the ship here at Planet 8 Digital. It’s been quite a journey – over 25 years in the world of business management and entrepreneurship, to be exact. What do I do? Well, I lead teams and guide our business to new and exciting places. It’s all about growing, learning, and, of course, succeeding together. Let’s make something amazing happen!

My adventure in the digital marketing world kicked off when I launched my own ventures. It was a time of real hands-on learning – getting the hang of strategic planning, leading awesome teams, and nailing operational excellence. You know, the stuff that really makes a business tick. My entrepreneurial spirit? It was like rocket fuel, driving my companies forward towards some serious growth and profitability. And let me tell you, that journey was nothing short of spectacular.

I had an incredible opportunity to make a real impact at Dreamline Shower Doors. It was there that I put my expertise to work, playing a key role in turning the company into a multimillion-dollar success story. My approach? Always forward-thinking, never settling for less than excellence. Leading my teams to hit some pretty remarkable milestones was not just a job, it was a passion.

Here at Planet 8 Digital, I’m all about putting my experience to good use. It’s about driving operational efficiencies and a culture that’s big on innovation. My role? I dive deep into streamlining our processes, boosting our team’s performance, and rolling out strategies that keep us on the winning track. It’s all about making sure we’re not just succeeding today, but we’re also set up for an amazing tomorrow.

When I’m not deep in the digital marketing world, you’ll find me fully embracing family life. My favorite moments? Those spent with my wonderful wife and our two incredible boys. And when it comes to relaxation, I’m a huge Philly sports fan, always cheering on our teams. For me, family and sports aren’t just pastimes; they’re a way to connect with the community and a perfect escape from the hustle of my business life.

My journey…it’s a mix of leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and a solid balance between work and home life. Everything I’ve poured into Planet 8 Digital and my earlier ventures has been about fueling success and, hopefully, inspiring others in the business and entrepreneurship world. It’s been an amazing ride, and I’m just getting started! If you’re looking for a partner to help skyrocket your business, come join us at Planet 8 Digital. Let’s create success stories together!

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If you’re a business owner who wants to take your digital marketing to the next level, I invite you to schedule a 30-minute call with me to discuss your needs and goals.

During our call, we’ll review your current digital marketing efforts and identify areas where your business can improve. We’ll discuss things like your target audience, your competitors, and your business goals to create a customized digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your business’ needs. Whether you need help with Website design, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, or email marketing, I have the expertise, team and resources to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

I believe that every business deserves a digital marketing strategy that is designed to deliver results. By working with me, rest assured that you’re getting the best possible advice and guidance to help your business thrive online. 

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