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Content marketing refers to any form of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media, as well as the publishing of content in order to acquire and retain clients. In simple form, content marketing is creating and sharing free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, while at the same time making sure that those who are already your customers become repeat buyers.

Well, content marketing uses blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media sites as the content sharing platforms, while traditional copywriters write magnetic headlines, persuasive landing pages, and conversation-driven emails. These are two different things but in any smart online marketing strategy, they work well together.

Today, content marketing is being used by about 86% of businesses world-wide. However, effective content marketing is not easy to find and that is where we come in to help you realize what effective content marketing for your business is all about.

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Over the years of our existence, we have developed a customer-centric approach that ensures your site, content, and assets are being found. And just how well do we do this?

Understanding Your Audience

Everything in your company is customer or client oriented. But if you cannot understand them, then how can you give them the experience that they want? We strive to understand your audience well and interact with those that find your content valuable.


How does your audience search for your brand online? And how do they interact with what they find on your site? Without effective content marketing techniques and experience, most businesses deliver poorly on this and you will therefore find their audiences getting dis-interested fast. We help you map out your audiences’ search experience path and maximize on it.

Strategies and Execution

With an understanding of your customer’s desired experience, we create strategies to address top questions your audience is asking, build out correspondence strategies, implement them, and then constantly optimize them to ensure they are 100% effective.


We undertake an in-depth analysis of our projects to ensure they succeed. Afterall, our project is only successful when yours is. And this we guarantee!

Email Marketing is an essential part of a business’s marketing strategy. A targeted email marketing campaign keeps you connected to your potential and loyal customers.


Help others to help yourself!

When you utilize proven content writing techniques to create your online content, you will realize that more customers will subscribe to your content, and then share it with others to create you a larger business audience. There is a big audience out there especially on social media platforms ready to read shared content. However, there equally is a large number of competitors and brands out there competing for this audience too.

So, the question remains to be, does your business undertake effective and competitive content marketing? Is your content Search Engine Optimized (SEO)? And, when customers are searching online, do they find you or your competitors?

Out with the old, in with the new!

Traditional marketing is very quickly becoming an out-of-date practice.  People with DVRs are skipping commercials, people are using adblockers on their browsers, people tend to look right past magazine advertisements.  In short, ordinary people don’t like to be bombarded with advertisements that offer no benefit.  People are more interested in what you can offer them, not what you can sell them.

Content marketing is the wave of the future.  By providing useful and practical information in the form of blogs, video tutorials, and podcasts, brands are becoming immensely more recognizable.  Doesn’t that make sense?  No one really thinks twice about that billboard they saw driving through Philadelphia the other day, but people will remember the helpful video tutorial they watched two weeks ago.

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WordPress Development

WordPress makes blogging simple and effective, which makes it the perfect platform to originate the content.  A quality blog can do wonders for your brand's recognition and SEO but once again, content is king!

Social Media Outreach

Social media is perhaps one of the biggest assets to utilize in a content marketing campaign.  Easily shareable content thrives on social media, we will make sure your content is friendly across all platforms!

The Road to Sales

You might be thinking that advertising is the way to go.  Audiences these days are tuning out obvious ads, but they will remember the podcast you published that really helped them out in a situation.  This recognition will no doubt lead to better sales!


Connect with your audience by responding to comments or other requests.  Showing potential customers that you engage frequently and meaningfully with your audience could possibly persuade them to do business with you.

Web Design & Development FAQ's

Content marketing refers to any form of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media, as well as the publishing of content in order to acquire and retain clients.

Through the use of Google Analytics, there are key performance indicators (KPIs) that we are able to track: page views, downloads, social interactions, conversions, and several others.  These KPIs may not directly influence your bottom line immediately, but can indicate growth over a period of time.

Depending on your specific target market, there could be several good options.  However, we have found that informative and frequent blogging is a great starting point for any content marketing.

Why Clients Choose Planet 8 Digital

Over 15 Years Experience

Our team of Digital Marketing Experts continually educate themselves on the newest practices of SEO, PPC, Web Design and Social Media trends to assure the work completed on our clients accounts is the best above other agencies.

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Focus on Customer Retention

At Planet 8 Digital, we strive to make every client happy and go out of our way to execute each task to the clients utmost satisfaction. Our success is based off their satisfaction and success.

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We Get Our Clients Results!

Planet 8 Digital clients see results because we complete our tasks, execute strategies and stay up to date on where our customer and their competition stand online regularly. Our results give you great Return on Investment.

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