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Today, the world as we know it is in the Information Age. This is the online generation per se. As a business operator seeking to drive your sales, you must appreciate the potential of online marketing and e-commerce. Social media marketing can be the most effective medium of advertisement for your company’s services and products; simply because there are so many people using social media every day.

Be it on computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, social media marketing allows you to directly target a wide array of your audience via a service they already use. This increases the chances of them taking action and heading to your website for more information, or better still for a purchase.

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Social Media Marketing Management Services We Offer:

Social Media Management

Planet 8 Digital can craft a campaign that helps build your brand and brand loyalty. We can intergrate all your social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, Instagram and Pintrest to put your brand in front of viewers.

Social Media Optimization and Consultation

We can work with your in-house team to assist in creating and maintaining a campaign strategy. If you prefer to run your Social Media yourself, our experts with collaborate to show you how to best run your brand strategy on your own.

Planet 8 Digital strives to offer you the best custom social media optimization and marketing solutions. Our firm is a full service marketing firm that only specializes in driving your online presence and bringing immense traffic to your business.


Grow your business through Social Media Marketing

We have grown immensely since setting up shop in 2008, and our large number of loyal clients in Bucks County and the Philadelphia region is proof enough. You should just try our services out and note for yourself that they come second to none!

Social Media Strategy & Planning

The largest and most desirable benefit of utilizing social media is that the audience is already there for you to target. For example, as of the fourth quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.59 billion monthly users globally. This is such a huge number just ready for you to advertise your company. Just imagine around one billion people actively on a social media platform who can connect with your company without visiting another website or signing up for another account! Awesome, isn’t it? We work to help you achieve this and more.

As the name suggests, SEO is a framework with varying functionalities that are used to optimize the ranking of your content or website in the search results of a search engine. This is highly important for your business. Afterall, you do not want that whenever a customer searches for something related to the product or service you offer, those of your competitors come up and yours do not. We will help you by embedding your website with good SEO and also help in re-designing it for guaranteed improvement in rankings.

By building a strong social media presence, your business becomes more tied to its target customer base. With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you find your company easily hosting discussions on interesting posts, hosting contests on your facebook page, and even offering customer service. And long before you know it, your customers are tweeting and sharing your company everywhere they can.

Social Media Managemet Beyond the Norm.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization Services with Infinity

Dedicated Social Media Experts

We have a dedicated team of Social Media experts that understand how to build your brand and communicate with your audience.

Understanding of Brand Importance

We understand how important your business is and we put your brand first. Our team builds an online identity for your business and understand your audience and we know how to keep them engaged.

Social Media Optimization FAQ's

Yes. Social media has many different applications and can work for every company. Social media gives businesses the ability to connect directly with the customers like no other advertising outlet. Sometimes businesses don’t have the time or skills to effectively manage their social media efforts. The experts at Planet 8 Digital can handle all of your social media needs.

It is better to let the professional handle it. You and your staff are experts at what you do and we are the experts of digital marketing. The primary benefit of using a digital marketing agency is experience and resources. A digital marketing agency like Planet 8 has access to knowledge and resources that you may not. Call us for a free evaluation.

Why Clients Choose Planet 8 Digital

Over 15 years Experience

Our team of Digital Marketing Experts continually educate themselves on the newest practices of SEO, PPC, Web Design and Social Media trends to assure the work completed on our clients accounts is the best above other agencies.

Focus on Customer Retention

At Planet 8 Digital, we strive to make every client happy and go out of our way to execute each task to the clients utmost satisfaction. Our success is based off their satisfaction and success.

We Get Our Clients Results!

Planet 8 Digital clients see results because we complete our tasks, execute strategies and stay up to date on where our customer and their competition stand online regularly. Our results give you great Return on Investment.

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