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What Is Search Engine Optimization And Why Do You Need It


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What Is Search Engine Optimization And Why Do You Need It

SEO plays a crucial role in marketing and promoting your website and thus directly impacts the growth of your business. It is a root consideration for every web design and blog, creating a wealth of possibilities for marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Planet 8 Digital provides innovative SEO and web design services to the business community of Philadelphia, Bucks County and beyond.

What Does SEO Mean?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is defined as a variety of techniques used to “optimize” the organic ranking of a blog or a website in the search engine’s results page. Planet 8 Digital can help your business by embedding an existing website utilizing good SEO techniques. We can also design a brand new website guaranteed to result in a ranking improvement for your business.

Why you should care about SEO:

With each passing year, the web grows impenetrable with excess data flooding the gates of online companies and search engines. The sheer volume of data can be daunting and difficult to sort, and to organize it, major search engines like Google and Yahoo! have methods that rank the URLs according to a set of rules. As most consumers chose only from the first result page, websites constantly tussle for a top ranking position. Your business’ ranking on a search engine results page (SERP) is a direct indication of how impactful your SEO tactics are relative to other competing webpages.

Types of SEO:

SEO can be categorized broadly into two types:
  1. White Hat SEO: An ethical method of SEO which includes techniques to improve the SERP rankings of a web entity without violating guidelines of major search engines. It is a slow but gradual process that ideally produces lasting and positive effects on rank. Techniques often include editing website content to make it comprehensible by the masses, pushing relevant keywords and optimizing the HTML and structure of the site.
  1. Black Hat SEO: This method tries to exploit the weaknesses of search algorithms of search engine systems to improve a website’s ranking. “Black hat” techniques involve things like paid links, spam comments on message boards, cloaking, and keyword stuffing, to name a few. While these methods may work in the short-term, they do not produce long lasting results. The tech savvy folks in the search engine development departments constantly improve their ability to filter out “spam content” and revamp search engine algorithms.
At Planet 8 Digital, we use only White Hat SEO techniques to give you results that are more long term and comforting than the short-lived happiness of Black Hat SEO.

Importance of SEO:

  • Good SEO will likely increase the number of visitors to your website or blog. Even if you have a new website, if you employ a sound SEO strategy from the beginning, the number of visitors to your site will increase faster than a similar site without an SEO plan.
  • Comprehensive content on your website will complement your SEO work, ultimately resulting in converting more website visitors into paying customers. You can also use links to blogs on your social media accounts, thereby promoting your website on channels like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.
  • The reality is that most of today’s web surfers have busy lives busy lives and the majority skim the top 6-7 URLs on a SERP and reject the rest.  Excellent content in conjunction with SEO grabs the attention of your audience and can position your business higher on a SERP.
  • SEO does more than simply increase the volume of website visitors, it also makes sorting of data easier for search engines.
Planet 8 Digital is helping business owners in Philadelphia, Bucks County and beyond to expand their markets by converting website visitors into paying customers. Additionally, we can enhance your web presence, working in conjunction with your overall marketing strategy. If you are worried about your site’s meager visitor numbers or sluggish sales via your website,  or if you have issues with your web design or SEO, contact us NOW at 215-355-5381. Like this content? Share it with your friends and family. Have a question or want to add to the discussion? Please feel free to contact us or leave your thoughts in the comments section.
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