Our industry is changing every day and that means we have to adapt too. Luckily we’ve been able to grow just as rapidly and can now announce some of our newer services.


What is LocalRankMe? A service that is offered to our clients to see how they stand within local searches. By plugging in your information you can find out how many listings are available to you and your business. This also lets you see how your business is being represented when a service is being searched. This is a great opportunity to make sure that your business and service is being sent out to the general public. This is offered exclusively to our clients, both old and new!

Technical Support

We’re happy to say that our team is now able to help you through it all. From web design to software updates. We are now able to open our doors to a broader clientele because we now have the team to help you with all of your technical needs. Our team is different from our competitors because we keep our human element alive and well. Plus, we rely entirely on our client involvement to make each repair, design; and update possible.

Representation is one of the most important ways of getting you business out there. What does that mean?

Listings and leads

Every time someone visits your site or searches a service you offer they become potential customers. Each bit of information released on a search engine is a listing, it’s job is to guide those potential customers to your site. Without the proper guidance, those listings become hindrances to your success. This happens because Google is trying to filter through hundreds of possible links and pages for the specified searched phrase. While filtering through these pages yours may get overlooked because of its lack of leads. It’s almost like a continuous loop and one of the only ways to break that loop is to manage your listings and your leads.

You can manage your listings by going through our LocalRankMe service, from there you enter in your information and submit for a scan. If there are multiple listings then you know that Google is marking your pages as duplicates or false information. From there you can go in and delete the doubles and keep the single. This will increase your search outcome drastically. You will also have the capability of having specific services highlighted and shared. This means that when something is searched and it matches with what you have listed, your business comes up!

This is at the local level, so you wouldn’t be misleading anyone thousands of miles away. False leads can sometimes end up in destinations that aren’t covered under your local area. This gives negative feedback to the search engine, which gives negative feedback to you.  When in reality, it’s simply a mistake on the lead! An easy fix, when you use our service to allow better control of listings and leads.

Video and Audio Production

We’ve been telling all of our clients about video marketing sweeping the nation. Now, we’re following the trend. We now offer an extensive service to our clients for both video and audio productions. We have the travel-friendly equipment and skill to take real-time videos for testimonials or even small commercials. We also are introducing podcasts to our clients, thus giving them the opportunity to get a broader spectrum of potential clients.

We encourage the change we see in our industry! All of our additional services have been designed with our clients in mind. We enjoy keeping our clients lives simple and we truly believe that by adding these additional services any need could be met with one visit. That gives you more time to get back to what’s important! And that gives us satisfaction in knowing we’ve really contributed to the bigger picture; your success.


The idea of LocalRankMe is to provide our clients with a better idea of what it is we’re doing. We’re getting you results, real time results too! This service allows for you to see just how important it is to have the correct representation when placing your information on the web. It also allows for you to let us show you how well we can expand your business! We’re experts at SEO between us and the scanning service you’ll be able to physically see the improvement in no time at all. Plus, LocalRankMe is available for any and all types of business. So go on, give it a try you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!