Updates to Google Maps Coming Soon!

Google Map’s new ad features

This day and age who doesn’t use Google Maps?  For both personal and professional tasks, I use Google Maps religiously.  If I could have a screen on my phone and desktop completely dedicated to maps, I would.  So what are these new ad features you might be wondering?  Google is once again trying to alter the marketing world for the betterment of everybody and in this case, they’re goal is to bring the digital world closer to the physical world through local SEO.

Imagine this scenario: you’re driving down a busy highway and your passenger has Google Maps open.  Previously, you’d have to go onto Google, type something like “Gas stations near me” and hope there’s one around you.   With the update coming to Google Maps, it’s possible to see real-time pins on the road as you drive past them.

Promoted pins are one way that this is extremely beneficial to marketers. Businesses will have the choice to buy advertisements that which will feature their logo on a pin.  If you are a customer who frequents Sunoco gas stations and happen to see a logo for the gas station as you’re driving by, you would be more compelled to go there!


Walgreens Promoted PinsIn-store promotions for each store that decides to purchase a promoted pin will be featured on the map in real-time.  So if you are offering a discount on a particular item, it will show up (assuming your digital marketer actually did their job).  In addition to promotions, following Google’s guide to product inventory can make a huge difference when people are searching for your store. Studies have revealed a massive increase in store visits to ones that showcase their inventory.

Google chooses which ads show up by taking note of various signals such as:

  1. Location
  2. Search history
  3. Demographics
  4. Interests
  5. Behaviors

From this, we can derive that Google will eventually learn that you never go to Shell gas stations and leave those ads off of your search!  

A release date for the update is still not known.  It is currently in beta but showing great promise in the world of digital marketing.   So in the meantime, make sure all of your content on Google My Business is accurate so that people can still find you easily.

Once again, Google is shaking up the world of digital marketing in an effort to bring users the best experience they can and provide local businesses with a boost in in-store traffic.  That sought-after positive return-on-investment will soon become easier to achieve with these promoted pins!  Check to the Planet 8 Digital Blog to get all of the details once it’s released!

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