Social Media Predictions For 2017

Our Predictions for the World of Social Media

We all use it in fact some of us thrive with it even! Social media has become a societal norm for today’s younger and older generation. In fact in the last ten years alone social media has dominated the trend pattern for multiple aspects of everyday life. This includes the ever prominent “selfie”. Even better however, is the prominent exposure social media has given us and the businesses we run everyday.

Social media in the last year alone had helped advertise for small and big business alike across the board internationally and we’ve put together some fun little predictions for 2017 and how it’s going to play to your businesses social media needs.

“Real” Time Engagement

It’s real because it’s happening in full right there, but it’s “real” because it’s not actually face to face. Customers are seeking almost immediate answers to questions, so companies are adapting as best they can. Twitter and video chats have shown to be the most active and best way to do so and we imagine that soon enough everyone will be “real” time correspondence.

Bring Back the Face to Face!

In the year 2016 alone video chats have swept the world with popularity and preference to standard phone calls.. It’s predicted that in 2017 this will be sweeping the nation again, but this time on the business front. This prediction comes from the idea that people want a real person to express their concerns with, even if that person is in a screen. It will provide a more personal experience for your customers and it’s fun!

Employee Marketing

Speaking of videos, a trend prediction for social media this upcoming year is that employees are going to be using their own video skills to broadcast and market the goods they’re selling. This is a great opportunity to show your customers that it’s not all just business, in fact this is a perfect opportunity to show off some of the creativity stemming within your employees and make marketing more fun and personable!

Facebook Lives On

You heard it here folks! Facebook is expected to continue on reigning as one of the most, if not the most, visited social media source for 2017. Of course we encourage the continued use of Twitter, Instagram and if it suits your fancy adapting to a company account of Snapchat. All of these sources are great ways to get your message out there in an appealing, fast and fun way.

Internet Safety

Believe it or not 2017 is bringing more security to your everyday use which means it’s being brought to your business use as well! People are starting to rely on private messaging and creating closed groups and forums rather than relying on a wall post or mass email. This gives you the ability to have an open forum, discussion with customers and potential customers. An excellent means for building professional yet personable relations with your customers!

Stay ahead of the curve with Planet 8 Digital

The new year is a ways off of course, but it never hurts to get a jump start on it! By starting to catch on to these trend predictions you could place your business right at the front of the starting line and already hold the appeal of what’s to come before it even happens!