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Free SEO Tips For Bucks County Businesses

There are many different factors that influence how you will be ranked on major search engines like Google. These factors are all part of an algorithm that Google uses to determine who will rank well and who will not. This algorithm is always changing but Google never tells you exactly what they are looking for. Their algorithm is their secret sauce and they are not going to tell us exactly how it works. Not all hope is lost. Google does offer some insight to us about what will help you increase in rank.  

Setup Google Webmaster Tools And Google Analytics

The first step for any web designer or website owner is to connect your website to the power (and free) tools offered to us from Google. The first thing you should do is install Google Analytics on your website. This can be accomplished very simply by adding a few lines of code to the index page of your website. This code will allow Google to track and report how your visitors found you, how long they were on your site and where the visitors were from. This kind of data helps SEO’s like us create content to better target the customers your are looking to gain. Second, you need to setup your site on Google Webmaster Tools. This powerful tools gives you an amazing amount on insight into the technical aspects of your site. Through this tool you can track technical issues like missing pages, duplicate content, incorrect meta information and much more. Another wonderful aspect of this tool is the ability to quickly submit your site to the Google index. This mean you can literally create a new page on your site, submit it to the index and have it ranked within 24 hours.  

Get Listed On Local Directories And Citations

Backlinks are incredibly important to the ranking on your website. A backlink is simply another website linking back to your website. For example, you go onto Yelp to look for a good sushi restaurant. The listing you find has a website address for the sushi restaurant – that is a backlink. Now there are many websites out there that you can list your website on. Some of them are good but a large majority of them are bad. There are many sites out there that are considered spam because everyone can submit a link to them. You want to stick with reliable websites you can submit to like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter. You also want to go out and create links to your site by writing articles and posting them through relevant websites across the web. For example, if you are a chiropractor you would want to list your business or publish your article on Chiropractor forums. A terrific example of a local listing site to submit to is a website like buckscountyalive.com which offers free business listings for Bucks County businesses.  

Blog, Blog, Blog

Search engines like Google like to see unique, changing content. Google is in the business of delivering fresh and accurate results it searchers. Websites that are always being updated or having new content added to them will rank higher than those who don’t. Simply put – Google wants to rank websites that appear to have a pulse. If you do not have the time to sit down and blog about any particular area of your business, you can always hire out to a SEO Writer.  

Hire An SEO Firm (Maybe, Planet 8 Digital – #shamelessplug)

You have a business to run and you may not have the time to do all of the above items. Hiring an SEO firm will give you an amazing amount of results and allow you to do what you do best – running your business. When hiring an SEO firm you want to make sure that you hire a firm that takes the time to understand you. Our recommendation is to avoid the SEO firms who ask for your credit card before they ask about you, your business and what you are looking to do online. Planet 8 Digital is one of those companies that you can trust. We have an extensive questionnaire that all clients must fill out before we give you a quote. This quote consists of very in-depth questions that will give us a deep look into your business and its goals.  When it’s all said and done, wouldn’t you rather have a Bucks County SEO agency helping out your Bucks County business?