Why You Need To Hire An Expert Web Designer

You Are A Professional – You Need A Professional Website

So you want a new website for your business and you’re considering some relative’s kid who said that he could build one for you. If yes, then probably you do not know how catastrophic this decision can be for your business! In this article we will show you how to get a perfect website for your need without losing your money.

Hire A Firm Who Knows What They Are Doing

Many firms are expanding their businesses to the internet these days and sometimes they do not know about how to make this possible. So sometimes they hire kin’s people or some other inefficient people who don’t know how to make a user-friendly and optimally functional website. The thing here to know is that a website is much more than a mere arrangement of login forms and with a background. A fancy website with many colored buttons is good only for your child’s college project or to show off among friends; it won’t be good if you’re going to augment it with your business. Period.

And not just your relatives, you should also maintain distance from unprofessional people who claim to be “expert web designers”. A website comprises of a backend, and a front end. The front end is the interface which the user sees when he opens any website. So a designer with a creative mind and good knowledge about SEO and human psyche is required for this purpose. Although a good programming knowledge is not required to be a designer, just a good experience of HTML and CSS would do the job. Now, for the backend, a web-programmer is needed. He is the guy who does all of the real work from adding functionality to buttons, implementing a payment method and last but not the least: making your website secure. But here is the twist: Sometimes the designers, out of different reasons (like money), claim that they can create a complete website for you. And the result you get is a good looking web site with very poor response and many security hazards.

Downsides To Using Freelancer

Now there is also a big hype about freelance web designers in Bucks County these days and the good thing about freelancers is that you can see their previous works before you hire them. Although there is also a major drawback in this path, most of the freelancers on these freelancing sites are the people that do not know anything about the work and they’ll just wait till you give them money so that they can run away with it. It’s true that you may find experienced but not expensive services from different parts of the world like Asia, India etc. but the result product would not be as effective as you’d want due to the communication barriers.

A 5-6 page website nearly costs thousands of dollars and you would feel really bad if you waste this much money on some “experienced professional” who couldn’t get the job done and runs away with your money. So it is better, and far safer to hire a web firm for this purpose. A web firm at least has one front end and one back end developer, plus sometimes a business planner. These people know what they’re doing and you surely will see the difference in the work. We also are one such web design firm with strong business relations with our existing clients in Trevose, Bucks County and Philadelphia and expanding even more. If you have any web design or SEO related query then feel free to contact us at 215-355-5381. Excellent work and client satisfaction is guaranteed!

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