Better Content, Better Response

You have the content, you have got the ideas, but do you have what it takes to keep your audience yours?

The idea with content is to keep your followers engaged continuously. It’s easy to do, if you have the right tools and it just so happens that we do. Since we want nothing but the best for our audience we’re ready to share!

Some things to consider:

  • You want to create an outline. Much like those writing assignments in high school and (or) college. This is the best way to organize your thoughts and make sure that the objective of your piece is clear and concise. Outlines can be unique to each topic or they cane be a standardized format. At Planet 8 Digital our content team uses a more standardized system, but we like to see our teams individual creativity pop out every once in a while. We can even include a generic example that is easy to read and apply!

  •  Research! You want to be able to create a connection with your audience. This could require a little bit of research on what it is people are looking for and how your service or business can directly relate to the reader. Our team also researchers topics, phrases and keywords. We use this bit of research to make sure our posts are being tracked correctly through Google.
  • Make it engaging through the end. You don’t want to start off strong and finish weak. Instead keep the pace of the entire article or post all the way through! The heading and conclusion are the pieces that bring together your tone. It’s what readers first see and remember, make it stick so they come back for more! A great tip to accomplish this is to make your piece a discussion point. Invite comments and questions, but make sure to promptly reply. Feedback shows success.

Some things you may want to avoid…

  • Not sharing your personal voice or story. This takes away your unique style and that makes your posts less desirable to the audience. This ties into your research, you want to make sure that the audience is engaged and can relate to you.
  • By not making your piece look nice you could lose interest real fast. This means including photos, keeping the format clean and organized and editing for typos. Pictures grab attention, including them in your “How to…” post could make or break the views. While keeping your format clean keeps the attention on the writing. Editing is crucial in every aspect of your business. Making sure your final product is what your customer is looking for keeps the quality of your company strong. Why would you treat your content any differently?
  • Promote it! There is nothing wrong with sharing your content. You share your information to get views, you want views to get business, but how can you accomplish that without spreading the word? Did you know that by not sharing your piece through social media or an email chain you risk losing your audience. So, spread the word! Make what you have to say known.
Final Thoughts…

Keep your content on point. Keep it organized and appealing to the eye. Most importantly though, keep your material engaging.