Planet 8 Digital Presents: How To Start a Website on a Shoestring Budget

A beginners understanding

The Planet 8 Digital team understands that not everyone really understands the online world. That’s why we’ve compiled a team that does! One of our key team members is Drew Rigler who started his online career as a web designer in 1996. He has worked through the many advances we see in today’s technology and spoke to local business owners about how to start a website on a shoestring budget. His presentation lasted for about two hours and we’ve come together to briefly summarize some of his most important points.

The websites basics

Today there are numerous resources available to help you build a website. The most commonly used -and free CMS, system WordPress is available globally. Using WordPress can be difficult though, especially for newcomers to the online world so we’d like to go over some of the essentials needed to make your website look good and function well.

We would like to discuss the appeal of a website. Not just the accessibility of having one, but the actually look of one. A website is not just composed of code and data, but of fonts, color palettes, themes, layouts, functionalities, and more! All of these things come together to form what a customer will view as pleasing to the eye or ugly. The more squished together and messy it looks the less likely a customer is to stay on your site to learn about who you are and what services you can offer.

Besides making sure your website looks good you also need to make sure it’s relevant. What is that your customers are looking for? If your website is for your plumbing business your customers are of course looking for plumbing services, so don’t go on to talk about the latest models of diesel technology. You want to make sure you have the necessary means to serve the customer in plain text, so they can see it and relate to it.

Ever visit a website and have to bounce around a couple of pages before finding the one you needed? We’re willing to bet you found it frustrating. Keep that in mind when you’re making a website! Don’t lead people on a merry goose chase, make sure that your pages are labeled correctly and precisely. You also want to make sure you and your additional sources are credible. While considering credibility also remember that mobility connects. The world has access to unlimited information in the palm of their hands, if something on your website doesn’t quite add up or make sense they’ll find out about it.

Let us help!

We’re here to help you! Our mission at Planet 8 Digital is to make sure that your business succeeds and that your website is manageable and customer friendly. It can be a lot to adapt to in this new age of technology but with our pointers and our team we can set you up for futurist success!