Small Business Digital Marketing

Why you need a website and not just a Facebook page

While working at Planet 8 Digital we, the designers and developers, are commonly asked: Why do I need a website? To answer your question, we have provided some helpful information as to why you need a website and not just a Facebook page in order to have a better relationship with your target audience.

Why you need a website?
Social media and in this case, Facebook, should be an extension to a greater digital marketing plan. While Facebook can provide beneficial information about you, Google is the primary source people use to find you. Consider your website as a home base that provides key information surrounding you and your business. With this information, Google’s search engine uses crawlers to locate keywords and links to track your website.

How to make a website
A website’s structure is another important factor we want to discuss. Every business is unique, and because they are unique we like to cater to each target audience differently. Here are three important factors you should know about making your website.

1.  It should be easy for the user to understand.

2.  It should provide information about how users interact with your website and its pages.

3.  It should effectively and creatively represent your brand.

4.  Landing pages should convert your customers, not defer them!

How Small Business Owners Benefit
With the right strategy your website will be able to define your brand more effectively than using just a Facebook page. Websites have many options to choose from creatively. Plus keeping a blog on your website gives you more content to benefit your customers and provides google more material to track your website with.

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