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Google announces new shortcuts for Android


Google announces new shortcuts for Android

Updated Shortcuts for Android

Google is about to make web searches via smartphone easier with shortcuts for its Android, iOS and web apps. These shortcuts appear below the search bar in the Google app and provide users with access to information about the weather, entertainment, places to eat and drink, and sporting events in your area.

Ease of Use

These updates are here to enable users to quickly locate information related to movies or newsworthy sports teams. For example, by tapping on the “entertainment” shortcut, you will see various tabs for things like recent news, TV shows and new movies playing in local theaters. If you tap on a movie, you will see film reviews, ticket sales and more.

This will eliminate the nightly conversation that you have with your significant other about what is on television.  With just one click, open the app, see what’s on and disagree about what you want to watch instead.

Find New Places

The Google “eat & drink” tab provides you with restaurant suggestions based on the time of day and the type of food you crave, plus provides you with a list of new places to explore. The “sports” tab gives you an easy shortcut to news, scores, and scheduled game times for your favorite teams.

While many of these features are currently available on the Google app, users have had a difficult time finding them. This update makes finding the information significantly easier. 

Even Better Smaller Shortcuts

You may most enjoy some of the smaller shortcuts Google is adding to the app — including a currency calculator, solitaire game, tip calculator, a virtual dice roll and realistic animal sounds.

The tip calculator is incredibly helpful, especially to settle tip disputes when out with a group of friends. Usually, there is one person who will argue for a smaller tip and now you have mathematical proof to encourage him or her to stop being so stingy. 

What about that animal sound shortcut? Well, who hasn’t wanted to make a moo sound when a line is herding a group of people like cattle. And now you can!

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