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Planet 8 Digital - #1 SEO, Web Design, & Digital Marketing Agency in Bucks County, PA
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  • 215-515-5188
What We Do
Planet 8 Digital


Are you looking for a custom, Android app, native iOS, or Windows app? Do you prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Do you need a secure backend? If you need or want it, then we can build it.

Where others usually struggle, we thrive!

 Our mobile app developers create high performance and powerful mobile applications with the success of small businesses in Bucks County and Philadelphia in mind. We employ structured development programming and methods, best programming practices as well as coding standards and guidelines to ensure you have nothing short of the best product. 

Our team specializes in creating mobile applications for all platforms. We use a robust technology that enables the development of your mobile app for the common platforms utilizing one agile development method. 

This way, we are able to create incredible apps for all platforms real time thus saving you money and time.

We build Mobile Apps for Businesses

All our mobile backend-as-a-service provides small business owners in Bucks County the capabilities you need to the market fast, with the flexibility and freedom you expect. Our team perfectly handles your enterprise CRM integration, push notifications, consumer integration, mobile payments, security, storage, GPS and so much more. 

Do you need integration with social networks, cloud storage, seamless connections with APIs or user management? We have been there, done that and are ready to do it again.

Our company is dedicated to our customers’ utmost success. Our prices are lower than our surrounding competitors with no sacrifice in quality. Software publishers and enterprise IT shops are moving every possible app to run Smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches. 

Allow us to handle all your mobile app development needs. By working with us, you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of professional mobile app coders.

Android and iphone apps

Android applications live in a fragmented multi-device world. Our API rules are less strict. Nonetheless, quality assurance testing is highly intensive. We perfectly handle it. Our team has developed hundreds if not thousands of cool Android applications on releases from 2.X to 5.X. From Lollipop to Gingerbread, custom devices and simple phones to Android wearables – we have done it all.

From iPad and iPhone to Apple Watch, our team has built a boatload of iOS apps – and a very large, powerful boat. Over the years, we have achieved impressive success in almost every category for almost every industry. We are also highly experienced in Swift. Planet 8 Digital has the best team of Objective-C and C coders.