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How to Earn the Trust of your Digital Marketing Clients


How to Earn the Trust of your Digital Marketing Clients

Why Trust Will Always Matter

This is definitely an age of flash and low substance. Everyone in the business of search engine optimization knows that building trust is a lot easier said than done. Businesses exist to make money. One of the biggest ways to guarantee an income stream is to make sure customers are taken care of and their needs and expectations are met. Unfortunately, trust may be hard to come by regardless of your best intentions. Consider the following ways to shore up customer trust with clients.

Have a Kick-Off Meeting

Use a kick-off meeting with your project team and clients. It enables the immediate understanding of the project’s base elements and critical planning activities. This is where you can begin to vet all the legalities as well. Not holding meetings is a mistake that a digital marketing company cannot afford to make.

Establish SMART Goals and Deliver Them

SMART is short for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive. There should be always be clear objectives along with milestones that are attainable. Once the long-term goals have been set, intermediary goals should also be included. Everything can be evaluated along the way, and this includes transparency from your digital marketing company.

Be As transparent As Possible

Both internal and external acts of transparency are important elements. Lines of communication should always remain open. Transparency about a company’s operations can lead to higher company morale. Higher morale can led to higher productivity, which can of course to higher profits. Most importantly, transparency can build trust.

Have Scheduled Meetings

If management thinks the only time to have a meeting is to put out fires, there will be problems down the line. Everyone needs to say informed, and meetings are a way to get it done. Meetings can also help play a vital role in helping develop leadership. Staff meetings also enable bonding and a chance for the team to celebrate together.

Deliver All the News, Even the Bad

Your clients should always receive an update on everything. This lets them know where they are in the game. Take full responsibility and never air dirty laundry. Never be vague on how long a fix might take. Be honest and up front. Any untruths will always circle back to find you. Then, make sure to restate your commitment to the customer.

Don’t Let Clients Take Advantage of You

Customer service is king, but only as long as you’re not being taken advantage of. Your time is important, and customers are human beings with faults. Customers sometimes call or email too often. They also sometimes request services that are beyond the scope of your contract. Remain firm, but professional.

Your SEO Consultant Takeaway

If you represent a digital marketing company, or SEO consultant, your clients are looking for results. This is why they hired you. Search engine optimization is never an exact science. However, the one thing you can count on is that it will take time to realize results. This is why it’s so important to be at the top of your game while being totally transparent about the entire process along the way.

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