Our Favorite Tools for Providing Top-Notch SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization will always be an integral element for helping companies brand their business and to educate, inform, and offer new services to their customer base. At Planet 8 Digital, we spend a lot of time listening to our customers. Then, we work closely with them to develop tools for SEO and practices that can help take their company to the next level. At Planet 8 Digital, we can also provide the ultimate guide to local SEO.

At Planet 8 Digital, we know search engine optimization. We’ll examine and help you define your goals. We’ll also provide tangible figures that will help define success. We’ll determine how many unique visitors your business site receives, and the number of visits that will justify a sound return on investment. As such, we work with the following tools for SEO:

1. Google Analytics – Allows you to monitor all your platforms and to review what’s working well, and what’s not. There’s also a benefit of having all your data in one convenient place. Study organic search, social media, referrals and backlinks, direct traffic, and paid search. All of your landing pages can improve for a better return on investment each year.

2. SEMRush – Is an all-in-one digital marketing platform with a number of tools that enable marketers to tackle SEO, in-depth keyword research, PPC, social media, PR campaigns, competitive analysis, and more. SEMRush grows its brand by hosting a number of international conferences and events.

3. Spyfu – Research for quality backlink opportunities. Simply enter keywords and it will show the sites and actual backlinks that you may be able to leverage for your own site. Backlinks are critical for building rank and website authority. Spyfu can also help uncover emerging markets.

4. Moz Pro & Moz Local – Great for both keyword research and analysis. Marketers will spend less time in things like spreadsheets, and can spend more time in creating web traffic. Local search helps smaller businesses tap their customer base. As such, they’ll get to spend more time with customers.

5. Screaming Frog – Enables marketers to crawl a competitor’s site and analyze results on the spot. Data gathered is key and enables digital marketing professionals to make well-informed decisions. Site owners can also discover duplicate content and integrate with Google Analytics for additional effectiveness.

6. Web CEO – Markets have access to the work of a top team of developers of digital marketing software. The tools are all about website optimization. Other competitors include Link Assistant. There are some major players in the market that make this a powerful choice.

7. Ahrefs – You might think of Ahref as being a data company. This is powerful software for any company that has link building campaigns on the books. Checking competitor backlinks is one of the major benefits. With the right outreach, you can get some powerful links pointing to your website.

8. Schema App – This valuable tool allows you to stay on top of Google requirements. Google constantly changes their guidelines which can affect website ranking. The app also provides intelligent insights about how customers behave while visiting a website.