Computer Security and You

Within the last decade, our world has become much smaller thanks to the mobilization of our data. You can Google anything from anywhere! You can connect with someone halfway around the globe! You have the whole world in your hand, but if you aren’t careful someone else may have your entire world in their hands. The good news is that monitoring the security of your system is pretty easy and efficient.

Your Role in Securing Your System

When someone is breaking into your system and files, they’re potentially stealing your passwords, sending spam and using the access to your computer to attack others. However, the best defense is not the software you purchase to prevent hackers and break-ins. According to the University of California Santa Cruz, your practices and knowledge of your system account for 90% of your security success. That means that most of these security breaches are completely avoidable just by your everyday practice! That’s great news!

Some everyday practices you should start include;

  • Using robust passwords and keeping those passwords completely safe.
  • Making sure all of your devices and apps within them are updated correctly.
  • Updating and using an antivirus software (the missing 10% to your 90%).
  • Ensuring downloads, links, and websites asking for personal information are encrypted.

But wait, there’s more! As a business owner, you want to remember why the security to your system is so important to those that visit and use your website. Customers are entering their personal and financial information. They’re instilling a level of trust to you and if that trust breaks; the damages could be detrimental to your reputation and businesses success. So while you’re following the conventional procedures to protect yourself you should make them every day for your employees. Set the example.

Tools to Help You

There are unlimited resources to keep your system safe and operating correctly. In 2016 consumers reviewed and rated some of the most popular software out there and of this information three rose to the top. Emsisoft ranked in at number one with compatibility components stretching across the board. Emsisoft has proven that it is user-friendly and efficient. Plus it offers 24/7 support from email to phone to online chat! Coming in second was McAfee which provides a more extensive Windows compatibility, but doesn’t provide the same level of mobile security. Finally, in third is Norton and it’s pretty competitive with McAfee, the biggest difference between the two being Norton is mobile friendly.

Don’t be afraid to take a critical look at everything available to you. Your world is for the taking otherwise.