How To Diversify Your Social Media Campaign

How can social media help you?

While it is a good idea from a business and time-saving standpoint to put out the same information on multiple social media platforms, taking the extra few minutes to carefully adjust the headline and/or description for each outlet can make the world of a difference.  2016 has brought about many changes to the way social media metrics affect SEO rankings, so don’t fall behind!



Facebook has really become a hugely diverse platform.  People from all generations, ethnicities, backgrounds, income and education levels, and more are using it daily so while it may be difficult to pinpoint one perfect strategy but there are a few basic guidelines to help…

Users of Facebook like to be entertained.  With click-bait becoming more and more noticeable, it’s easy to see that people click on links that interest them.  So make sure you’re providing your audience with something that they will enjoy taking part in.

Adding value to your post can go hand-in-hand with entertainment.  If you provide useful information to your readers, they most certainly will reward you with a share or like.  Although it may seem slow in the beginning phases, it will pay off in the long-run.



Twitter was founded upon the short-and-sweet mindset: a limited number of characters to get your point across.  While this number can be a bit of a constraint, it’s there for a reason.  The best way to enhance your brand on Twitter is to keep your posts short-and-sweet.

Studies have shown that Twitter is most active during the hours of 8am to 6pm.  This can largely be due to the fact that people are using this social media platform during their commutes to and from work, and during their down time at work.  Your followers don’t always have the time or patience to read the article you spent hours writing, so giving them the best snippets is the way to go while formulating your Tweets.



To put it mildly, it’s all about the visuals when it comes to Instagram.  The photo-sharing social media application is a wonderful tool for artists and designers, as well as everyday users to share their visual ideas.  Finding the most visually appealing aspect of your work is of paramount importance when it comes to retaining your followers and obtaining new ones.



Building a professional persona is the ultimate driver behind LinkedIn. Think to yourself that people use LinkedIn completely differently than the use other platforms and for different reasons.

When posting an update on LinkedIn, ask yourself how it will benefit the community you built around your brand.  While it may be a good idea to promote your company’s live events on Facebook, LinkedIn will surely attract a more professional crowd.  And if you gain follower because of it, stay in contact with them.  That one correspondence you send every 6 months to an individual might make all the difference years down the road.



Some claim that Reddit is in fact social media, others disagree.  No matter your definition, tons of great content and inspirational ideas come from Reddit.

Reddit isn’t like other forms of social media though.  “My new business is launched!  Check out what we offer here at our new website!”  unless you wanted to be downvoted into oblivion, NEVER make a post similar to this.  

Instead, browse through related subreddits and find ways in which you can help people.  If a user asks a question, answer it honestly and provide your sources.  It is okay to link back to your site for reference, but don’t try to obviously sell something.  



The trajectory of Snapchat is pretty similar to the Facebook and Twitter, so expect Snapchat to be a viable social media outlet for years to come.  There are simple ways to to utilize snapchat, one of which is to be unique. Nobody will give your brand a second look if they think you’re just like everyone else.

Showcasing live events is something that has sparked so much buzz in industries stretching from the NBA to Grubhub.

Telling a story is quite possibly the most useful strategy.  People enjoy seeing REAL people do REAL tasks.  If they are mundane or boring, liven it up and make your viewers tune back for more.



For all of these social media outlets, in order to have a better presence around your brand, you must be consistently active; there is no way around it!  Once you lose a viewer or reader who expects to see new content, it can be difficult to get them back.  Some brands release daily posts, videos, blogs, tweets, whatever the case may be, but it’s all about experimenting and seeing how your followers react to a diversity of posting frequencies.

Here’s some tips on how to get your social media links on your Google results!