Your one destination for all things web design!

Dominik Serafin’s board is perhaps one of web designers’ best hidden gems and if you’re not already familiar with the media hub, there is no time like the present.   A common obstacle that we face on a daily basis is finding the right stock material for our websites.  When I first started out designing websites, I spent hours on each project scouring search engines trying to find approved stock photos, videos, audio clips, icons, and more.  That all stopped when I discovered his board.  

It’s the one-stop-shop for everything you need.  Some of the things you’re able to find on there are web design blogs, free stock images (as well as paid ones), color selectors, typography, icons, and so much more.  Even if you are not looking for a specific item to assist you on a project, there are even design inspirations, educational programs, podcasts, jobs, and even relevant subreddits, just to get the creative juices flowing.  

Do yourself a favor and bookmark the page, you will thank yourself for it when you are hours deep into a project and you’ve exhausted all other options. What makes this better than other media hubs is the fact that this one has never failed my colleagues or myself.  It may not be the same for everybody else but the fact of the matter is that this board is a stellar tool to have in any web designer or developer’s arsenal.