Possum Algorithm Defined

Here at Infinity, we have been researching the recent Google updates and we have determined a few important things.  Google has updated its algorithm to make local searches more defined and to focus on three factors: 1. location, 2. address affiliation, and 3. variation of keyword searches. The recent update also addresses organic filtering to minimize spam results. Our team has compiled some useful information for your reference.


So, what happens now?

We are so glad that you asked. One of the first things to know about this “possum” update is that it makes it easier to search for a destination within a broader location. Across the country, there are many areas that fall just outside of a major city. Before this update, a Google search for a service would end in results based on locations only within the closest city. Using a direct address alters that result somewhat, but even that is changing.


How does this change my google searches?

Before we answer your question, we remind you that this is not a punishment system. Google is now taking specific keywords, a more direct location, and businesses in the area into account to compile the best possible search results. This eliminates multiple pages from the same website from popping up on the SERP. For example, if a physician’s office website has links to other doctor’s practice sites, those numerous pages will not come up in the results, but the main practice page will. This change is based on keywords and other basic business information. We believe that this is a way for Google to implement stricter spam protection into their searches.


When does this take effect?

It already has! This update was implemented in early September and people are only now starting to notice its repercussions. There are likely still some glitches and this could be the testing period to work out the weaknesses in the algorithm. Google’s recent update is important to keep in mind if you are currently constructing a business website.


Can you explain the main point of all this?

The main point of these updates is that the physical location where you implement your search is important. Businesses that have multiple locations throughout the country will have a different result in each location. In the past, different sites would have been filtered through together. This made narrowing down the closest possible option for the searcher a difficult task and it also made results fluctuate for the businesses involved. Another point Google is trying to work on is keywords. A business should try and be aware of the phrases it is using to become more SEO friendly. At the same time, however, not every search is going to match up with a business’ SEO preferences.


How do we proceed?

For now, we continue on as before. This update offered through Google is not a bad one. The upside is that the update opens up possibilities for many smaller businesses across the country. At the same time, we need to be aware that this could also redefine our SEO setups down the road. It never hurts to start planning ahead for future possibilities and we are positive this will have a positive lasting effect on small local businesses.

We understand that this could be a little confusing and we are here and happy to offer any assistance if you need it. However, we are excited to see what possibilities this new filtered setting will hold for outskirt companies.