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Google Analytics – The Basics


Google Analytics – The Basics

Analytics at a Glance

Google Analytics is a free service (while there is a paid version also available) that tracks website traffic and provides extensive findings regarding visitor data.

Going Further

One of the many fantastic features of Google Analytics is that you can easily view all of your information. What’s even better is being able to optimize this opportunity to rate things in terms of importance. Simply put, anything you want to monitor on a daily basis (comparison of sales in a pie chart or a direct comparison between specific dates and numerical units) can be easily accessed through the dashboard. You can also monitor which sales campaigns seem to bring in the most traffic, when that traffic is being brought in and what the most popular item is removed or abandoned throughout the site!

Some other inclusive tools to help your site is the ability to monitor where your most popular visitors come from. This can be done at a global view to a local view and you can also keep track of what specifically is being searched for on your site. This provides you with the opportunity to optimize content and gives you the ability to match keywords to keep your page at the top of Google’s list.

Good and Bad

Of course while you’re monitoring all of the success your site will be having in the future it’s also important to monitor the failures. Google Analytics presents the opportunity and the tools to keep track of your pages that simply aren’t holding up to par. This is something to definitely take into consideration, after all there is always room for improvement. That improvement could also be a mobile site, something that may not have been considered at the beginning of the website design process.


If you weren’t considering using Google Analytics before we certainly hope you are now! Especially with installation being user friendly and to the point. The process is relatively simple, you simply visit the link and use your current Google account. Of course if you don’t have a Google account it would be helpful to set that up first. The following step is all you, literally, you simply answer the prompts provided with information on your website. Then you select the “Get Tracking ID” option, this ID must be plugged in to every website you plan to track. You can figure out which track to use by knowing which platform you use and how that platform works with Google Analytics.

Wrapped Up

In the end the opportunity for growth at the base of your site is what’s going to help build the strong foundation for future business. Google Analytics simply offers a more direct and simplistic means of monitoring all the ups and downs as you build your website -rather your business, to its true potential!

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